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The layout and designs we created for books, magazines, newspapers, comics, and reports are entity as publications design. More overly publication design was related to print vertical but after expansion of digital industry, publication designing evenly get opportunity to make more room for itself.

The basic concepts of visual logic must be fully understood by a good designer. A good designer must also know the traditions and practices of the media (newspapers, magazines, newsletters, etc.) in which he works. For example, a newspaper has a certain appearance because the design has a purpose of publication. In the case of the newspaper, this objective is the efficient use of space for the presentation of news and information. A good designer has a feeling for these purposes.

Understanding publication design concepts is also a requirement for an effective designer. Balance, contrast, concentration and unity are the things a publisher of publications has to watch. The designer must also be able to work creatively within the limits and guidelines established by a publication.

A designer needs to know how to use the hardware and software available for publishing. Trust in this knowledge allows a good designer to work creatively.

Most Important Elements of Magazine Designing:
•   Headline/Titles
•   Introductory Paragraph
•   Table of content
•   Body/Body Text/Body Copy
•   Bylines
•   Subhead/Sub-headline
•   Pull Quotes
•   Captions for Images
•   Running Head
•   Running Head/Section Head
•   Panel/Box text