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Usually every PDF is interactive PDF. Because you interact with it when you read it. However we use term for interactive PDF for those PDF’s, that meant to be viewed on screen and having interactive features that take your audience beyond the basic reading experience weather just looking at the page and provide them more like navigate buttons, page transaction, embedded video/sound clip, windows that can be open and closed, hyperlinks, check boxes even text entry field. Mostly you use interactive PDF for online publication like magazines and online books.

Interactive PDFs also can be used for as a presentation slides, because design softwares allow us to control on type face (fonts) and page layouts moreover then PPT.

Interactive PDFs also can be use as a form format. That is more easy to handle as compare to printed forms. For PDF formatted forms only needs to download and fill it then sent or upload on respective web address or system location or email. We can also take printouts of them.

PDFs also very useful for as a e-books and documentation. However by the adding some interactivity in the document that hold there attention longer. Interactive PDFs are very easy to circulate, very easy to read on visual on any device like computer monitor, TV and mobile phones. PDFs can contains movies, sounds, buttons, form field, notes animation, hyperlinks and more… .