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Graphic Designing is the process of communication through the visual graphics with typography, images, icons & illustrations. Graphic designing is creates and clubbing the all the above elements in to representation of an idea or in a message. It use fonts, visual arts and page layout approach to create a visual formation.

If you look around your nearby, Graphic designing is every. From morning to till sleeping you see thousand of things with full of creative designs with photography, typography, calligraphy, colors, and illustrative elements. When you buy any products you many times you just pick up because of colors or very eye catching design. If you look closely on some of products, like your bag or any thing, it probably has a detailed graphic element that you just haven’t noticed before.

Let find out some places where you can find graphic visuals:
•   Hoarding or road signage.
•   Restaurants or clubs or your gym.Car licence plate.
•   Even your sun glasses.

Every major corporation is aware of graphic designing power, to attract the right audience. Big brands also loses their identity and attraction to the audience without the strong graphic presence. If a small enterprises think I am not a big brand like samsung, ford or big basket, so that’s not important for me, That’s wrong. Because the rule of branding and marketing apply equally, as you are a small enterprises or you own billion dollar company.